What’s In My Carry On Bag | Must Haves

There are a few things I will always have in my carry on bag, no matter where I am going.

  • ¬†Backpack – I personally prefer skate or snowboard type backpacks. They tend to have a lot of pockets and straps. Volcom is a personal favorite.
  • H2O- it’s a must to have a water bottle and stay hydrated. Most airports now have refillable water stations. I am loyal to Nalgene and my husband cannot live without his ūüôā
  • Socks- I tend to get cold feet on planes and I have learned my lesson on being miserable. So, socks are a must.
  • Eye mask- For those that haven’t experienced the wonders of an eye mask, I’m sorry. Flying with an eye mask is a game changer.
  • Pillow- Save your neck and enjoy a nap.
  • Headphones – Duh
  • Lotion- ¬†I hate dry hands… it drives me nuts! The little eos one is perfect!
  • Lip blam – I can get the worst chapped lips. I travel with so many lip balms! One of my favorites is Jack Black‘s mint lip blam.
  • ¬†Antibacterial wipes- clean your seat area…even if you look crazy.
  • ¬†Cleansing wipes- Personally I like to feel refreshed after a long flight and cleansing wipes can make you feel like a new person.
  • Wristlet , Fanny pack or any small purse contraption – This is best for getting through the airport and not having to go in and out of your backpack. I personally love my fanny pack!!!
  • Notebook – I don’t care how many note apps there are on my phone, I like to write it down. It’s great to have to make travel plans, schedule, play games with your travel partner etc.

What are your must have travel items?

x- A


Fall Body Refresh

One of my favorite places is the Korean Bath House! Since it is a bit pricey and I don’t always have the time for a day spa experience. I decided to share my alternative for all you spa lovers ¬†or those too nervous to strip down butt ass naked and get scrubbed down by a stranger. If you decide to go to the Korean bath house with another person, make sure you are really close. You will being seeing ALL ¬†of each other and others…if you catch my drift.

The Korean Bath House at Home.

STEP 1: Step into hot shower. Start with washing your face while your body relaxes and skin softens.

STEP 2: Step away from the water. Time to exfoliate… this is not little bitch exfoliation…this is deep down, sometimes ouch exfoliating.

The gloves are the best,laziest and easiest way to scrub down. They are also just like the Korean Bath house gloves. This step should take at least 15 minutes. Its’ gross but you will see balls of dead skin rolling off and in a sick way it’s satisfying. After a summer of soaking up the sun it is time for our skin to shed and soak up some moisture. Once you are scrubbed raw, its time to really relax.

STEP 3: Start bath and create mix in the fabulous Honey Milk Bath. Soak in the bath for 20-40 minutes. Rise,dry and moisturize with your favorite lotion or oil. I am a personal fan of old school baby oil.

STEP 4: Drink a lot of water!

 Hope you all enjoy your mini spa day!

xo- A

Affordable Luxuries for a Great Staycation!


Many often think Luxury = Expensive. There are so many ways to make you feel like one fabulous babe without draining your bank account.

I love playing vacation!! I like to get some of my favorite snacks: I love cheese boards and dark chocolate almonds with red wine!
My favorite breakfast items and of course mimosa stuff!! Buy less expensive champagne and squeeze fresh orange juice in and lastly drop a few of your favorite berries in your glass. ALWAYS drink out of an actual champagne flute or wine glass! A nice glass can make such a difference.

More importantly, let’s get to the real good part, massages!! ūüôā Many times a massage is $75+ which is not realistic for many to indulge in. Instead check out Foot Spas. Many times it is called a foot reflexology massage and ranges from $20-$30 for an hour full body massage. Why is it so affordable? Well, you are fully clothed and in a relaxing room with others. Each person has their own amazing bed with a hot foot detox bath. Spa music is playing the lights are low and you enter BLISS! They literally massage you from your head to your toes sometimes even your bum. Don’t be afraid to speak us if you would like the massage stronger or softer. It’s all about you!! It’s important to stay hydrated before and after a massage. You will leave feeling like a million buck babe! Another favorite of mine is manicures; check out your local Groupons, living social etc. for deals on mani/pedis. Why pay full price when you can grab a deal! In San Diego there are nail salon deals, constantly! Then kick back with a good book or your favorite juicy TV show and enjoy some tea. I love cute tea cups. Pamper yourself and relax like you’re on vacation more often. Xo.A