The Babe day workout.


For the longest time no workout would keep my attention. I tried classes, gym partners, good music… you name it but enters Shaun T! Insanity is the only workout that I have actually followed through with,see results and feel physically stronger in the shortest amount of time.  I am no workout freak but Babes need to be healthy, and having a nice perky ass is always better. 😉

Here are some of the things I do to get myself through workouts….some are unconventional! 🙂

1. Do it first thing in the morning, so you it’s over with and you forget about it with in a few hours. For me when I leave it to the end of the day, I am dreading it all day.

2. Look at motivating quotes,pictures,goals etc. Anything to get you a little more excited to start your workout.

3.  I watch my videos on my laptop, then that way I can also watch a juicy TV show. I know that may sound crazy but it’s best! If you are watching a new workout video and don’t know the moves, this will take some time. If you know the moves then working out while watching Real Housewives latest episode, is the best distraction!  It motivates,distracts and entertains me, all while I burn major calories.

4. Track your measurements. Inches shed before pounds.

5. Mark your calendar everyday you workout. Visually seeing you worked out 5 days straight or missed several days, is a great motivation.

Happy workout, dolls!

Let me know what gets you moving!



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