Happy wallet

Through friends,advise and experimenting, I have found some great wallet happy products.



1. H2O WET N WILD LIQUID LINER– I have used sooo many liners and I have never fully committed to one. This may be the one. It is waterproof and last long.
2. Rimmel bronzer– If I was stranded on an island and only had two piece of makeup, bronzer would be one! This was recommended by my makeup artist friend, she is usually a product snob. So, I was shocked that the bronzer she always used on me was under five bucks! It’s matte and not orange. Just enough and easy to build.
3. E.L.F  makeup removal pen- I am far from a precise person and applying makeup is no different.  This pen is my besfriend for those random mascara and eyeliner marks etc. Con: cleanctio often or it will hold some color.
4. OPI My Chihuahua bites– BEST COLOR AND NAME EVER!


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