When the boyfriend goes out of town.


Well I get the boyfriend back today. He has been helping his parents move, up north for the past two weeks.  In the two weeks alone I learned and rediscovered:
1. I  really hate taking out the trash.
2. I leave way to many lights on.
3. We are the most awkward skyping couple ever!
4.  Between my girls and Kellen they always make sure to take care of me.
5.I miss his cooking.
6. I only ate bagel bites and cheese and crackers for the first weekend.
7. I sleep so much better when he is home.
8. I discovered I really do suck at filling the brita back up.
9. Drink so much more wine with my girls.
10. I spend way more money

Living together in a domestic partnership for 3 years, its good to have alone time to really appreciate and notice what each other does. I am a lucky lady.



Personal obsessions… that I love to repeat.




These have been some of my favorites of summer. 

1. Major girl time. Cocktails and tanning.

2. I love this red dress. I have one in blue with a cross back. It’s Forever 21 and under $12 bucks. It’s very comfortable with a cotton stretch. I received a lot of compliments and you can switch up the look with different belts.

3. Little black dress LOVE! $15 from Forever21 with a cross back. I have dressed this up and down. Bold necklace and cute pumps or a good wedge and a denim Chambray shirt. 

4. My cuban hat that I picked up at the local swap meet. yes, I love the swap meet. I use to be a snob and refuse and then I broke down and fell in love. Ill make a post of some Swap meet favs.  Also those sunnies I am wearing  were a last-minute purchase at H&M .For a total of $3 bucks. I love them bold with a little cat eye flare. 

5. In the same trip at H&M, I picked up this fringe bikini. I had shopped for MONTHS and of course the bikini that is $10 is that one that stole my heart. Every time I wear it, I receive compliments and “where did you get that?”

6. Then my Boyfriend. He is a total mans man who loves wearing basketball shorts and old t-shirts. We had a wedding to attend so it was time for him to get out of those shorts lol. We picked up some light weight slacks from Target. He fights everything, when it comes to outfits and he instantly loved them. $27 for great slacks and a very happy girlfriend. 





Oh Sooo Silky…

My friend was telling me how she uses baby oil after she showers for moisturizing . While you are still a little damp,rub some on your arms,legs and stomach for a instant silky skin. Then wrap your towel around you … Continue reading

The Cottage Crew

I live by the beach, in a cute beach cottage. There are two other  cottages and we all are great friends. With a bunch of cottage people always around, there never seems to be a dull moment. There is always somebody to hang out with or borrow foil from.


Introducing the Cottage crew.
Kellen aka kell dogg [with milk]
Alex [the ewok and my bf]
Sean- American flag. He is now traveling the world.
Brie- my girl partner in crime.
Then there is me as the panther.
This is from our cottage halloween bash.


Happy wallet

Through friends,advise and experimenting, I have found some great wallet happy products.



1. H2O WET N WILD LIQUID LINER– I have used sooo many liners and I have never fully committed to one. This may be the one. It is waterproof and last long.
2. Rimmel bronzer– If I was stranded on an island and only had two piece of makeup, bronzer would be one! This was recommended by my makeup artist friend, she is usually a product snob. So, I was shocked that the bronzer she always used on me was under five bucks! It’s matte and not orange. Just enough and easy to build.
3. E.L.F  makeup removal pen- I am far from a precise person and applying makeup is no different.  This pen is my besfriend for those random mascara and eyeliner marks etc. Con: cleanctio often or it will hold some color.
4. OPI My Chihuahua bites– BEST COLOR AND NAME EVER!

Whats up with fall fashion!

Big coat moments!


Get bold with your coats this fall/winter. Nothing is to over the top  this fall for coats. Obsessed….but to bad in San Diego there are not many days a coat is needed.



rounded shoulders, blocking, stunning green and a homage to YSL “le smoking”  tuxedo.

Top it off:



Take over… from runway to the streets!
Beanies? I am still unsure about this look for me but I am in love with the chunky over size knits from Giles ’13. Look out for beanies with untraditional pairings.